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Ferguson- Michael Brown Grand Jury found insuficient evidence to indict

The Grand Jury decided not to indict officer Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown. Three autopsies were conducted, one by a private pathologist. All concluded reasonably the same outcome. Records indicate that Michael Brown was not shot in the back. Eyewitness testimony in some cases did not match the physical evidence. As a result, witnesses changed their testimony. Forensic evidence also place Brown's DNA inside officer Wilson's vehicle.

White House Notes

As the world recognizes the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, I am deeply concerned by the continued magnitude of this problem. Approximately one in three women across the globe is physically or sexually abused during her lifetime; many at the hands of an intimate partner. Too many women and girls are victimized by practices like human trafficking or forced marriage.

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White House Notes Cont.

WASHINGTON, The President has made clear since he was a candidate that he strongly supports net neutrality and an open Internet. As he has said, the Internet’s incredible equality – of data, content, and access to the consumer – is what has powered extraordinary economic growth and made it possible for once-tiny sites like eBay or Amazon to compete with brick and mortar behemoths. The FCC is an independent agency, and we will carefully review their proposal. The FCC’s efforts were dealt a real challenge by the Court of Appeals in January, but Chairman Wheeler has said his goal is to preserve an open Internet, and we are pleased to see that he is keeping all options on the table. We will be watching closely as the process moves forward in hopes that the final rule stays true to the spirit of net neutrality.

Food for Thought

In an era of Jerry Springer, Judge Judy, and Wendy Williams, I don't think that average people are as worried about privacy as much as they might have thought, or anything that does not reveal their specific identity. Bulk meta data collection, which failed to pass Congress, is one such legislative option. The bill was an attempt to force spy agencies to collect only information sought through a court order and exclude the use of broad searches like by ZIP codes. No one wants another 911 attack. If we can do that, ensure our safety with seamless security integration, without restricting your personal freedoms who would oppose that.

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