Volvo Points to North America

Volvo Cars to Build New Factory in United States
With plans for new plant, automaker becomes a truly global brand

As part of Volvo’s transformation that has been ongoing since 2010, the automaker recently announced plans to build a brand new manufacturing facility in the United States, fulfilling Volvo’s ambition to be a truly global brand and proving its commitment to the U.S. market.


The production means Volvo is now a worldwide car manufacturer with an industrial footprint on all three key continents. It has two factories in Europe, two in China and now the future plant in the U.S.


“Volvo Cars cannot claim to be a true global car maker without an industrial presence in the US. Today, we became that,” said Håkan Samuelsson, Chief Executive and President. “The US is an absolutely crucial part of our global transformation and today’s announcement makes it perfectly clear that Volvo is in the US to stay.”


Volvo’s transformation plan also involves the complete renewal of Volvo’s product range over the next four years, the introduction of a new modular vehicle technology, the development of world-first safety technologies, a new design language and a range of class-leading connectivity services.


Volvo Cars has been doing business in America since 1955. This investment is, in essence, a 500-million-dollar promise to maintain its growth.


“The US Volvo dealers are delighted with this announcement,” said Chip Gengras, chairman of the Volvo dealer council in the US. “It clearly illustrates Volvo's long term commitment to the US market.”


For 2014, global sales of Volvo vehicles reached a record 465,866 cars; the record sales and operating profit cleared the way for the group to continue investing in its global transformation plan. Now, with this plant Volvo will be able to meet and ultimately exceed its volume targets for the U.S., where it expects to sell 100,000 cars a year.


The new plant will help accelerate the introduction of build-to-order cars in America and expand the brands global manufacturing footprint, serving North America and export markets while helping limit the impact of currency variations. It will also create new jobs, providing security for its employees and their families.


Additionally, auto manufacturing plants are also known to have significant multiplier effects on their local areas, injecting funds into neighborhoods. Thus, the new plant will provide a welcomed boost for the economy of the state in which it is located.

Obama moves to Camden

The Visit by the US President Barrack Obama on Monday inconvenienced some, lauded others and brightened a city, if at least for one day. .

Blessings in disguise

Bishop EvansEver been blessed by a ministry so good that all you want to do is show how, God is good. I was on my way to church today thinking to myself: how do we get the Church into outer-space? And believe it or not Bishop Evans had my answer waiting for me at the door. He didn't preach about tithing, or about battles of the old testament, or even the forgiveness promised in the new, he said by faith. And that faith is that thing that exists between the end of your prayer and the actual blessing itself. He used Hebrews to establish the culmination of faith unto paper, and Genesis to set the time frame. Then you realize that the book itself is one long tribute or testament to faith. Whether is was Ruth's faith, Job's faith, disciples faith. Everyone in the Bible posses it on some level. If one person achieve it then fundamentally we all can utilize it. I like the fact that he started out in Hebrews because it is the book that stretches the human imagination. You see faith is that unforeseen act attributable to receiving God's blessing. To use faith you have to try to attain that which is presently unseen. It is a true stretch of the imagination. Who imagined the cell phone, or the typewriter? All that really matters is that of those that imagined these some one worked to bring it into existence. And in it [his message] he was able to steer the birth of a nation. Not a nation divided by geographic bounds. A nation of Christians working for Christ.

Hebrews Chapter 11 Verse 1. Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

New Jersey Budget Expects a May Surprise

NJ State Treasurer
Andrew P. Sidamon-Eristoff,

The State  is expecting a May surprise and I am not sure I can say I am surprised. The good thing about this surprise is that it is the gift that keeps on giving by making the current year surplus trickle over into next year's windfall.  One of the State's looming deficit issues is in the pension system and raising taxes is not going to solve that. Raising rates does not ensure that people will pay, or that they can pay. Democrats ran into that issue for successive years, proclaiming one bonding gimmick after another and even went so far as to sell the turnpike. Well, at least try to.  I I am not sure what other assets they would have lost if Chris Christie hadn't stepped in, cutting total spending and keeping a lid on taxes. Now we are collecting more than we anticipated and spending less than before he took office.

The reading of the tea leaves show a strong central government backed by keen conservative policy agenda steering us toward more secure fiscal structure in the future. New Jersey is not the only state suffering from the pressures of the economic downturn precipitated by the Home Mortgage Crisis of 2007-09. It is a small state, and revenue accumulates faster when future expectations are better and a favourable economic climate is more pronounced. Government will always be funded because it has the statutory ability to levy taxes. Government, however, does not produce a service or product for profit. While their service is invaluable --too important to measure, the profit driving structure or mechanism of the private sector produces far better outcomes on all levels. From housing to education, private industry provides better quality at less cost. That goes all the way up the price chain; you get better all around, even when considering a high end price structure.

A legislatively mandated reserve requirement(NJS18A:72-17) necessitates that the reserve fund shall not be less than either the amount required

to acquire defaulted loans during the current fiscal year

or the encumbered reserves required to be maintained on all approved loans outstanding that were approved prior to December 2, 1969

The state can fund rehabilitation projects in Camden. It can offer voucher programs for kids in poorly performing school districts. It can even move people to and from their jobs at a subsidized price. While all these things are good and some are even great, people want a return on their investment. If they have to calculate the escalating cost of these services without equal or greater ascension above their current income levels, their prospects are viewed as dismal. Any rational person calculates their survival with some regularity dependent on a number of variables. Usually the basic human needs. Furthermore, Anthropology teaches us that people will move from region to region to avoid famine. It also teaches us that they will move to areas that have a stable social climate and better economic welfare. Providing both is what the GOP is all about.

It is not against the law to avoid an unjust taxing scheme. And no matter what the law says, there are very few situations in which the government can tax an individual, be it a person or a corporation, without them having some form of recourse. That propensity to seek better outcomes is not measurable, while it does exist. It may take an individual 2 years to move to a new state. For others it may take just a simple phone call to their accountant and submission of a change of address form to their post office. So there is still good news for New Jersey while Christie is Governor. For one, my property taxes went down. I rarely check, because my taxes are rolled into my mortgage, but I had the need to and they went down in Winslow Township. That means more money in my pocket/savings account. It means that I may eat out a bit more, or maybe a few more trips to Starbucks than before. What matters most is that government is still functioning and providing services. Municipalities now share services and find other creative ways of cutting costs, since the pocket book --my pocket book, gets dedicated to my future economic needs and is not spent on a hopeless cycle of estimating the cost of raising the year over year budget which has been proved unnecessary.
Eristoff, a regulatory scion, is in a uniquely familiar position this year as in previous budgets. The mandate to cut taxes focuses more scrutiny on the reasoning behind the pressure to raise revenues. If raising rates at a time the Federal Reserve is still liquidating was a good idea we would not be the number one economy in the world. It is simply not prudent. No economist would recommend it. Even Steve Sweeney knows that. At least, he should know that. He is arguing over a funding deficit that is less than 10 percent of the total asset, 2.75% to be exact. The FED Funds Rate is .13%. The interest is so low, you profit from running a deficit. If you loosen the fiscal reigns commerce will thrive. Despite what the polls may say, New Jerseyans aren't putting their trust in people who invested with Jon Corzine and Bernard Madoff.

The only reason to move left is to make room for the "R"ight

Who is going to erase the killing gene? That part of the minds' muscle that condones loss of human life. First, where would it be: fore-brain, spine, lower lumbar, organ? What is it attached to? Gene sequencing focuses on trait harnessing. Where is the actual location, as anyone part can make many? So what do they make first? In what sequence do we reproduce ourselves? Is there an order of operations? Is it consecutive, or simultaneous; and then, location: is it accidental as in unordered? Until then [the point in time that we ultimately eliminate the killing gene] we have to admit that there are some of us with a higher propensity to kill than others, and as a result we need maintain at least a thin blue line between us and them. That's one of the reasons I see a need for a president like John Bolton. His candidacy brings real meaning to this election. I hope Arnie throws his hat in the ring too. The GOP has some awesome/formidable candidates to call on. 

Save Jersey Blog on fire

I saw SaveJersey blog got hacked today. By Muslim extremist no doubt. Well my assessment differs. The proximity of the Internet makes it such a local thing, that hacking is somewhat ubiquitous. What you have access to on your home machine is filtered through your provider. Yes your provider can turn on and off and also filter --China does it all the time-- your service; and most if not all internet files are stored on local machines right in your neighborhood, even your own computer acts as a storage unit. Wonder if we could make money off of that unit.


Assembly Democrats top New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) Fundraising Lists

TRENTON, N.J., May 11, 2015 — Today the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) released its report detailing financing activity by New Jersey State Assembly candidates, and it shows an increase in both the amount raised and the amount of cash on hand. At this juncture it is too early to tell how each race will turn out. What we are assured of is that it will be a competitive race, if the respective national committees take an interest in this state as a strategic base.

Eighty state assembly seats are up this November, and neither side is leaving anything to chance. Democrats raised $10.9 million, and the Republicans, $3.8 million. New Jersey is on a two-year cycle, and this year assembly candidates are running without their senate counterparts on the ticket. Major changes in the assembly are usually indicative of future changes in the next senate election cycle. This election will be interesting because the shift to the political right is slowly taking hold in New Jersey. It is having a noticeable effect on both the people and the economy.

Giordano for Assembly (LD15)
Campaign Kick-Off

Mon. May 11th
5:30pm to 7:30pm
Amici Milano Restaurant
600 Chestnut Ave.
Trenton, NJ
$38 per person
RSVP: (609) 394-2292

Maccarone & Pierce 
for State Assembly (LD3)
Spring Reception

Wed. May 13th
6:00pm to 8:00pm
Cedarvale Winery
205 Repaupo Station Rd
Swedesboro, NJ 08085
$1000 Sponsor - $250 Attendee
RSVP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jeff Bindle, commission chair, said that outside groups may focus on a handful of targeted districts, two of which are in the South Jersey region. That is deep within the power base of the current senate president, Democrat Stephen M. Sweeney, LD3. If a likely upset were to occur, the Democrats in the senate would be hard pressed in 2017 to hold on to its eight-seat majority, most of which is concentrated in the tail ends of the state.

With only the lower house running, total spending is estimated to be significantly less than the high water mark of $10.5 million set back in 2013. And while the price tag for a governor’s race could be in the low tens of millions, the new focus is set on building momentum for the 2016 presidential race. The movement of cash to the media outlets will be substantial from now until that point, putting message against the merits of the public good attained while in office and lambasting others for ineptitude structuring the regulatory process. If ELEC provided a breakdown of the services on which the money was spent (Internet advertising, staff, office space), we could see the money flow clearly.

When the filing data is broken out, it shows that incumbents and Democrats have outraised challengers and Republicans in some cases by as little as two to one [Democrats to Republicans], in others by as much as 10 to 1, as in the case of incumbents to challengers. The districts with the most cash on hand occupy the northern half of the state. Those are areas where population density mirrors California’s, in a land mass that has significantly less acreage. Assembly speaker Democrat Vincent Prieto LD32, from Hudson County, has over half a million cash on hand. Democrat Gerry Green, LD22, has over $200,000 to spend. And Republican Jay Webber LD26 has $141,000 reported.


Elec County Party Reports show more cash on hand

Elec Reports that County Parties have over 1.4 million on hand. This is surprising, although an election year in the State of New Jersey, the Presidential is just a year away. Will they attract more donors as time progresses or will the national fever consumer the media airwaves. One media message is just as good as another if the cards are correct. Creating sound fiscal structure is imperative going forward, is the message GOP's most likely push. It is important to note that leading into 2012 election cycle total spending decreased, and is only now on an upward trend, indicating New Jersey's larger roll in general politics.

White House Notes

President Barack Obama travels to Camden on Monday in a visit that will bring him to one of America’s poorest cities, but one with a transformed police department that federal officials have pointed to as a model of community policing..

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Market Move

The PBC has granted the SNB an investment quota for the Chinese interbank bond market in the amount of 15 billion renminbi, or just over CHF 2 billion. The SNB’s foreign exchange reserves can thereby be diversified even further.


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