Mike Brown Autopsy

If Michael Brown was home having dinner with his family, he would not have been in a position to get shot. If he was in the Library studying with friends, he would definitely be alive today. Where were all these well wishing adults, who are protesting after the fact, --where are they, when kids like Brown need them most, to steer them out of trouble. Food for thought..

Kimone Smith GOP Candidate for Camden County Freeholder

Kimone Smith, Camden County Freeholder Candidate

 Pictured, Kimone Smith, Chris Christie, Ian Gill


2007 Gross Debt
$136 million

2007 Net Debt
$54.7 million

Debt Ratio 4.76%
2007 Gross Debt
$28.5 million

2007 Net Debt
$11.5 million

Debt Ratio 1.66%

I had a chance to sit down with Kimone Smith, one of the Republican candidates running for county freeholder, this November. Kimone and I talked a bit about gun control, county financing, and the pro-life agenda. We actually talked about these, and a whole lot more. Just some facts about Kimone, a physical trainer and entrepreneur; she is pro-guns, more specifically the right to defend oneself in one's own home.

On financing, she thinks that the county should take a zero-based budgeting approach, instead of just piling on the appropriations, year after year. She expressed her dissatisfaction with the way our county government is run, and she said that a number of residents share her sentiments. "It is better to look at what we need to run government for the given fiscal year, instead of just adding an automatic increase to the last years budget," Kimone said. She thinks that this is the most realistic policy approach to lowering property taxes in general.

She is also a big fan of local control of public schools, and policing. When asked why she, and her running-mate Teddy Liddel are the best choice for Camden County, she pointed to the fact that Chris Christie, a Republican Governor, signed the Economic Opportunity Act to aid Camden City, and also cited the effect that Republican leaders Bobby Jindal, and Rudy Giuliani have had on urban environments, in Louisiana and New York. Kimone, an African American who migrated from Jamaica to attend school, says that Democrats have been in total governing control of urban areas, like Camden City, for so long --with such little progress, that it is unrealistic to think that they alone can fix it. 

White House Notes

3:00 PM: The President holds a meeting on Ebola with Ebola Response Coordinator Ron Klain and members of his team coordinating the government’s Ebola response

4:45 PM: The President meets with senior advisors

5:30 PM: The Vice President attends a rally with Representative Brad Schneider, Senator Dick Durbin, and candidate for Lieutenant Governor Paul Vallas

7:30 PM: The Vice President attends an event for Senator Mark Udall


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"I support Eldridge for Mayor because as a native son of West Orange and as an elected leader, I have worked with him in the past and I believe that [he] will be a great Mayor for West Orange." -Essex County Freeholder Carol Clark.

Freeholder Carol Clark