CDC Ebola Response, Can They Find The Cause

Quarantine is the most effective agent against transmission of any infectious disease. That has not changed. The best remedy for this Ebola epidemic is isolating the disease. What I expected to hear, and have not heard, from the CDC is a program, or steps designed to identify the root cause of the disease in Liberia, one of the countries hardest hit by this epidemic. Disease is such that environmental factors play a major role in contraction, and transmission. For example, you cannot contract jungle rot in the Sahara desert, because the  conditions necessary to propagate the disease do not exist in dry, arid climates. Isolating and identifying the root cause of the epidemic should be the main focus of any disease control operation. Cultural environments can either propel, or control the spread of infection. Whether it's water contamination, structural deficiencies in diet, or inefficient health practices, all should be looked at to identify what limits the spread of this overly infections pathogen. Communicating those findings to the public will help limit panic, enabling ordinary civilians to better secure their own health, and social well being.

An Ebola Update From the Desk of Dr. Anthony Fauci

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Yesterday, President Obama welcomed the finalists of the 2014 Broadcom MASTERS (Math, Applied Science, Technology and Engineering Rising Stars) competition to the White House. These inspiring middle school students came from across the country to present their research projects and participate in a team STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) challenge.

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I find it strange to believe that anyone would want to jeopardize or even risk their families safety by avoiding mandatory quarantine measures instituted by the states to help stop the spread of Ebola. 



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"I support Eldridge for Mayor because as a native son of West Orange and as an elected leader, I have worked with him in the past and I believe that [he] will be a great Mayor for West Orange." -Essex County Freeholder Carol Clark.

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